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Sunday, 27 January 2013 |

Master health check up Chennai,

When we think about our health , first comes in our mind is health check up. Next where i can do it in Chennai, Which one is best and what is the cost? But read this news article , there are other factors you should consider.

One of the encouraging developments in the recent years is that people are becoming more practical about their health, more males than females in Chennai. Prevention is always better and having regular health Check up is a very important part of the efforts to stay healthy.

Though these check up helps, unfortunately these so called 'master health check-ups' have become an unregulated commercial activity in Chennai, sometimes causing significant damage to physical and mental well being of people. Considering the large numbers involved, this is a very big problem and the general public needs to be aware of the potential issues with these health checkups.

 They need of health checkups to be in specific to the age, sex and other factors of an individual and they need to be performed on a regular basis at a particular frequency. The number and frequency of tests need to be determined by established evidence and in compliance with international guidelines.

Avoid physical harm by doing unnecessary tests which may not required for the age and there is no clinical symptoms, that may involve radiation risk eg : Chest X rays, Echo etc.. If not providing appropriate counselling to the individual about how to deal with the results it may harm people sentimentally and mentally. People may think they got some sever disease, which might be happen to any common man. Say for eg : in the abdomen scan , the technical interpretation say  FATTY INFILTRATION Liver, people may think very bad. But the fact is fat is deposited in the Liver may be due to overweight, sedentary   life style, over consumption of alcohol. This can be simply taken care by regular exercise and avoiding fat foods, alcohol.

 There are no rules and regulation or guidance for this checkups and this allows any small diagnostic center or hospital to start providing these health checks. There is  commercial war for this health checkups and some diagnostic centers says 100 tests in one package, a misconceived impression that a longer list of tests means better service which isn't correct.

Say for eg : call famous call center ask for a list of health checkups centre in your area you may get lot of calls from diff local centers giving you so many offers.  

Some of these centers offers x-rays and CT scans involve radiation which has an associated risk and should be avoided unless there is a clear Need.

Accepted worldwide that routine chest x-rays in asymptomatic ( No symptoms ) patients are not indicated and should be avoided due to the radiation risk. Some of the health checks up centers in Chennai are even going to the extent of doing Cardiac CT scans which are not known to have any clinical benefit in asymptomatic patients and involve large doses of radiation to person.

The other problem with the health scans during health checks is the fact that they tend to pick up small abnormalities like tiny lung nodules and small liver abnormalities ( eg: Fatty Liver). These are often reported as too small to determine their nature and that cancer cannot be ruled out. This suddenly puts the healthy person in a significant mental agony often for no real reason.

Because there is no proper counselling, the person then ends up chasing large number of doctors for several months and years to confirm that he or she does not have a problem in their health.

Another worst diagnosis practise is FOR HIV diagnosis in patients. Any person who fears that he would have got HIV infection can go to any petty diagnostic centers for diagnosis in Chennai for test.  But they will never get a solution.

Say for example HIV diagnosis test Minimum 3 months is the incubation period to diagnose the infection, but suspects don’t aware of this and may go to small test like rapid test, Elisa within 3 months. These test are not confirmatory test it should retested after 3 Months. There are advanced techniques do diagnose infection Like DNA PCR test within 13-15 days after exposure.Which is little costlier and will be available only in standard diagnostic centers. If there is no consultation for this kind of people they run so many clinics and do tests for so many times to recognize that they don’t have HIV infection.

Having periodic health checks is very important and allows you to stay on top of your health. It is important to have these done at centers that practice good standards and only perform tests that are required for your age and sex as prescribed by your DOCTOR. The Diagnostic center needs to ensure that you are not exposed to unnecessary radiation and should be able to counsel and advise you about the next steps if any abnormalities are picked up on the tests.