Facebook Tamil Song

Wednesday, 26 December 2012 |

Facebook Tamil Songs

Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life. WHAT HAPPENS IN 20 MINUTES ON FACEBOOK? Links shared: 1,000,000 , Event Invites : 1,484,000 , Photos tageed: 1,323,000, Status UPDATED11 1,851,000 , 1.972 million friend requests are accepted 2,716,000 photos are uploaded, 2,716,000 messages are sent, 10.2 million comments are posted, 1,587,000 wall posts are written   Facebook crossed 1 billion-user mark on September 14, at 12.45 pm (Pacific Time), 600 million users logging into the website from their mobile devices. Facebook has witnessed 1.13 trillion users' likes, 219 billion photos being uploaded and 17 billion location-tagged pictures. The world's biggest social network, Facebook hit the 500 million user mark in July 2010. At the end of June 2012, it had 955 million active members. This Facebook song tells us different story ................


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